Hi everyone.  I’ve just found out that ice-skating down Bondi Beach this winter has been cancelled!  No!!!  For more information click here.

Look out for my coming Water Balls @ Harbourside post!  The kids and I will get down to the city and get in a big ball each that’s floating in a pool of water and spin out!!! Happy Holidays 🙂

P.S.  Can anyone tell me of any Ice-skating rinks that they know of in Sydney please?


Cats, Cats, Cats – Cliffy from Bondi (Winter 2012)!

Bondi Cat Cliffy

Last winter, the kids and I spent the weekend at Bondi Beach. I could afford things then!
My daughter had made it to State Cross Country so I thought that I would take her and her brother to the beach for some training. The sand was one of the training tools planned and the cliff walk/run to Tamarama was another. I also planned for us to go ice-skating at the beach too. My son got free Lego on the day we ice-skated, had a photo with the Lego (man/woman?) and was totally stoked!
Cliffy the cat was hiding in the bushes along the cliffs edge and came out to say hi when we spotted him or her. We spent some time with Cliffy at the cliff and took photos. May-be we might see Cliffy again this year! Maree 😉

Boo, we see you!

Beautiful shots of the cliff cat, Cliff!

Lego man/woman/lego!!

This place is so hilly and so great for training and playing!

Now that’s a hill! Move it, Move it, Move it!

My verdict on Social Networking…..

Milo Crop Facebook

Without social media, I wouldn’t be able to share and communicate with anyone, anywhere so easily and instantly. Since I started to use Facebook and WordPress (blogging platform), I’ve been feeling a little overwelmed with so much information and options.
I don’t really enough time to get right into it but I found myself spending alot of time customising my profiles, information and pages ect. This isn’t much of a problem but I’m sure I could have experienced and learnt more about social media if I had or have more time.
I will keep learning and trying to use social media tools as they are interesting and are being used by individuals and organisations worldwide to communicate 🙂

My verdict on Microblogging…..


Tweet, Tweet. Don’t you know, I’m on Twitter? What the?
Microblogging is a popular social networking tool. Twitter is the main platform in which many people communicate in a microblogging sense. Microblogging is sharing your thoughts and ideas with anyone around the world pretty much instantly. The micro part is the fact that the user may only post 140 characters at one time. This is good for short and quick points of communication but sometimes the limit of 140 characters is not enough. Users are able to follow other users and then receive all posts from the user being followed!

My verdict on Photosharing…..


Well, we all want someone to look at our photos we take. Long ago we had to develop and print our images, oh no! Photosharing on platforms such at flickr or pinterest are great ways to share your photos as well as keep them stored and organised safely. I must admit I haven’t shared any photos on flickr ect, but photosharing is an excellent social media tool. Smart phones make social media and photosharing so much more convenient and easy to do.
Since we all love cats (yes we all do), I’ve uploaded an old photo of my cat Milo Rodriguez. Look at his Love Heart! My boy! He loves playing with the kids toys. He has a new friend now named Tin-Ton Shieng.
Keep an eye (i) out for and old picture of my kids at Little Athletics.

My verdict on Videosharing…..

O.K. I’m not the one to be watching videos on Youtube. I have occassionally had a look or two but to be honest, I don’t have the time. I appreciate that there are some great videos out there, whether they be for pleasure or education ect, but I don’t have the time to regularly watch at this time of my life.
I was having trouble uploading a video to this post because of my video file types. I may have to investigate and try to get a video in my blog 🙂